Friday, September 27, 2013

Positive Fridays Week of September 22nd, 2013

TGIF I know many of you are absolutely happy it is Friday and the weekend right around the corner.  I hope you all had a super week with your students.

This week I had no subbing on Monday through Wednesday, but I did have two more interviews on Wednesday.  The first one was about 50 minutes away and was for a Kindergarten position.  The interview was fairly short, but I feel like it went well.  They were just starting to interview so it may be awhile until I hear good news.  The 2nd one was an hour away from my house, but the interview lasted close to an hour.  I interviewed for Kindergarten and 3rd/4th grade gifted.  If I got the gifted position I would have to work toward getting that on my certification by taking classes, which I told her I'd be happy to do.  I feel like it too went well.  Both appear to be wonderful schools with great family involvement and terrific children.  I'm still holding out hope to hear from last week's schools to give me a shot too.

I had the opportunity to sub again on Thursday and Friday in Kindergarten and was requested again!  It is always nice when I am asked to come in and don't have to find the job myself on the phone or computer.  Today, I will bring you Thursdays positives and as I did last year I'll have Fridays in next week's Positive Fridays so I can put up the post earlier!

  • I was in for a new teacher at the school who had terrific lesson plans.  I loved her class list as it even listed the children as boy or girl and how many of each. 
  • The children came in asking my name over and over again so I talked to them about the first part of my name Hop and we talked about animals that hop.  Well one little girl said I'm going to call you Mr. Bunny so that is exactly what a few of them called me all day.  Too cute!  Their parents are going to think they are crazy, I bet. LOL  Usually, the little ones call me Mr. H, Mr. Hop, Mr. Hops, Mr. Hoppy, or Mr. Hopper!  They are adorable and I don't mind one bit!
  • We learned about apples today, read a book on apples and did some apple worksheets and coloring.  I also fit in a couple of The Learning Station songs and the books How Full Is Your Bucket?, and Green Eggs and Ham.
  • The children were very well behaved, worked hard, and were respectful toward me and each other.
  • The other Kindergarten teachers who always ask me to sub for them to were a great help as always when I had a question or two and they give me insight on the children they know, which helps me help the children!
  • I got several enthusiastic hi's from other Kindergarten children, 1st graders, and 2nd graders as well as a few hugs, lots of smiles, and handshakes.  I also saw the 3rd grade teacher and ex ed teacher who I have subbed for this year both were full of smiles and said hi to me!  I love schools where everyone is so welcoming!
  • One last positive, one of the students, picked me a flower (really was a weed) and gave it to me!  I of course acted like it was the greatest thing on the face of the planet!  Such a sweet girl!
I'll be back next week to tell you all about Fridays positives.  I also hope to find more sub work unless I finally get that "You're Hired" that I am so looking forward to!

Please leave your positives, I bet you have a bunch to tell me about!

Thanks for hoppin by with Mr. Bunny!  Keep on smiling!

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