Friday, October 4, 2013

Positive Fridays: Week of September 30th, 2013

I have big, big, really big news to share, I'm so very excited.  You'll have to read on to find out.  Happy Friday to each of you!!!

Last Friday, I spent my last day of subbing in Kindergarten with the same class as the day before in my favorite school in my county.

  • I was thanked for coming in by all of the office people, they are some of the nicest people I have met on my subbing journey.
  • The two Kindergarten teachers who there (had another sub for another teacher) were a great help as always and very happy to see me.
  • We celebrated a birthday of a boy who wasn't there the day before.  I made him the line leader and my helper.  He did a great job all day!
  • We had fun doing a couple of color word worksheets, singing and dancing to The Learning Station Brain Breaks Version 1 video, and listening to the new Fill Your Bucket book that I shared and also many books on apples.
  • They were well behaved and respectful for me.  Everyone worked very hard!
  • We also went to a fun assembly that taught about being a good citizen. 
Tuesday, I had the chance to go observe one of the schools I interviewed at.  I had the chance to go into each Kindergarten classroom and they were so kind to me as were the children.  Everyone in the office so nice and welcoming including the principal and assistant principal.  I saw Class, Yes in action in one room, which was so amazing to see first hand with Kindergarten and boy does it work!

Wednesday, I got the best news I have received in a very, very long time.  I got a job at the school I observed on Tuesday in Volusia County in Florida.  I found out around 5pm.  It's not 100% official until the district approves it, but everything should be a go!  I am getting sub pay and working in my classroom and observing classes in the meantime.  This is an hour drive, but it is a well worth hour drive!

Thursday, I came to the school as the new Kindergarten teacher (still not completely official).
  • The secretary welcomed me (as well as so many other teachers and office staff) showed me to my room and gave me some supplies.  The AP welcomed me with open arms and told me to let her know anything that I am in need of and also came to see me in my room.  They helped me get a cart so I could load all my teaching materials from my car.  This would be one trip, more to come Friday of course.
  • I observed each of the Kindergarten classes again.  The children were so polite and kind to me.  They were excited to see me, thinking it was yesterday that they last saw me.  Many talked to me about all kinds of different things.  They were certainly not shy around me.  I got a few hugs and many hi-fives.
  • I have such amazing Kindergarten teammates.  They are willing to help me with absolutely anything and giving me some supplies to start out with.  They told me how excited they were that I got the job, which made me feel extra good!  
  • The custodian was very helpful with lowering the tables for me for the Kindergarten students.
  • Other teachers in the building were so nice and welcoming.  It was great to meet the activity teachers and the guidance counselor as well.
  • I very much feel like God has placed me in the school that He wanted me at and I believe He helped find me a terrific school.  I did not apply at this school that I can recall.  The principal found me on the list from the job fair I went to where they recommended me for hire.  
I love how everyone is filling my bucket.  It's all of you readers as well, special thanks to my facebook fans, you all have been extra sweet!  I have had 2 more requests for interviews since then.  I feel so special, of course I turned those down.

Have a great Friday, please leave me your positives in the comments as I look forward to reading them.  I will post about Fridays positives next week and let everyone know how my first week went, I should get the children at some point during the week, I don't know when  yet!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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