Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hands On Skip Counting Fun!

I am starting tutoring again this time with a Kindergarten student. I will be helping her mostly with math. One of the skills she has had difficulty with I was told is skip counting, except by 10's. So I made some fun hands-on activities of course to help her learn to skip count (multiples) her 2's and 5's. I believe that breaking them down into smaller chunks is the best way to learn it.

A friend found an idea of making lacing plates to practice skip counting. This will also help with minor motor skills.

I also created some fun farm skip counting puzzles for 2's and 5's. Each one has 10 pieces. If they make the animal correctly, they have the right answer. It is self checking! The student should then say the numbers orally. Click the pictures if you would like the Skip Counting activities to try with your students.

I also strongly believe in chanting them daily during morning meeting or math meeting and using videos or songs with skip counting in them. Videos and songs I can't do tutoring without a computer, but are suggested for those who teach a full class.

One of my favorites is "Skip Count" by The Learning Station. This is a skip counting by 2's song to 30. There are actions for the song that make it even more fun and give children that brain break that they really need! Don has the children marching and jumping as they skip count. FUN!

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