Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tutoring Tuesdays - March 20th, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 39! I will post an exclusive FREEBIE in my VIP Facebook Group (not the same as my page). Hop on over by clicking HERE to get it.

Last week we started tutoring practicing division by 2 using both ways for division using my Puppy Division by 2 Race. If you land on a puppy you get to go again! You can grab this one also for FREE in my VIP Facebook Group. If you don't teach division you can use the game board with any cards. Find it in the file section of the page.

FREEBIE Puppy Division Facts by 2

Next we worked on Perimeter using my new Perimeter Task Cards. Mostly just adding the 4 sides of a rectangle, but we did a few with 2 of the sides having a missing number. She did an amazing job and didn't miss a single question! I again put it with a game board that isn't included, but you can use it with any game board or any way that traditional task cards can be used for!

Perimeter Task Cards

Perimeter Task Cards

Then we worked on Multiplying by 3's using my a bump game from my Multiplication Bump Facts Fluency. She had a blast and didn't miss, but a couple!

Multiplication Bump Facts Fluency

We finished with some 4 digit subtraction, which she did outstanding on!

Thank you for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings! Keep on smiling!

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