Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tutoring Tuesdays - April 17th, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Half way through April already. Wow! I hope each of you are hanging in there as you near the end of the school year. I wish your students the best of luck on their tests. Last Tuesday my poor dog accidentally was cut under her eye at the groomer. :(  Next week she will get her stitches out.

Last Wednesday, in tutoring I started out with a worksheet that I will post sometime reviewing capacity conversions, feet to yards, yards to inches, days in a year, etc. We also did some division by 2 and telling if the time was A.M. or P.M.

Then we worked on ordering numbers in the thousands least to greatest using my Smart Flowers Ordering Numbers in the Thousands Task Cards. I simply gave her 4 cards and she put them in order from least to greatest. There are 10 sets of cards in all.

Ordering Numbers In The Thousands Place

After that we worked on rounding numbers to the 10's place using my Princess Rounding Numbers to the 10's Race. She had asked me to create a princess game so I did just that! She did a fantastic job and didn't miss a single question!

 Princess Rounding Numbers to the 10's Place

Princess Rounding Numbers to the 10's Place

Then we worked on some task cards where she had to name a third of a given number. There were dice on the cards to help her. This is a skill she was working on in school. These cards are not yet available for purchase.

After that we finished by working on giving back change using my brand new Giving Back Change Task Cards. I gave her money manipulatives to help her give back the change. I did them with her as I was helping introduce what she had been introduced to in school. Even her teacher said this is a very difficult skill for 2nd graders. I plan to do a few more with her this Wednesday.

Giving Back Change

Thank you for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings! Keep on smiling!

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