Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tutoring Tuesdays - March 5th, 2019

Happy Tuesday! I didn't tutor a couple of weeks ago due to the child having cheerleading clinic at her school. So I was back to tutoring last Wednesday. Wait until you see what she was learning in the 3rd grade!

When I got there she first showed me what she was just taught and that was long division dividing 4 digits by 2 digits. Example 6045\20. I can't type the long division on here, but you get the picture. That's a 5th grade skill. 

Well, I worked with her on a 6th grade skill. She was learning the mean of 3 digit and 5 digit numbers in school. They simply call it averaging, but it is the same thing. It is amazing to me how much advanced they are in private school than in public school. She doesn't do the Common Core craziness so I think it makes it easier for her. We worked on my Finding the Mean Task Cards. In the example, you see I wrote average on each card. The same set of cards with the word mean are also included! She miss added on a couple, but her long division was fantastic!

Finding the Mean Task Cards

Finding the Mean Task Cards

Next we worked on equivalent fractions using my Clip It Equivalent Fractions. She struggled some on that and part of the reason is that she was never taught how to reduce fractions so I plan to keep working with her on that. There are 24 task card, a recording sheet, and answer key.

Clip It Equivalent Fractions Task Cards

Thank you for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings! Keep on smiling! 

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