Saturday, June 16, 2012

June Behavior Freebie!

You the fans voted in my poll that you want freebies!!!  So why not give you your 2nd freebie in just 2 days!!!  I know it is halfway through June and I am far behind on creating a behavior freebie for June.  I finally got it done.  The dang computer problems and me making a couple of awesome place value units took away time.  I will try to do better and get July's up much sooner even though most of you aren't in school in July.  I do know that some have summer school, home school, or work in year round schools so I will make them for July too!

Anyway click on the pictures to go to my store to download the behavior freebie for free.  If you missed previous posts on how I use them, I put the child's name on them ahead of time and usually date them.  Any child who had a good day gets one of these great behavior notes at the end of the day.  The ones who misbehave it goes in the garbage and they have the shot at one next month.  It keeps the kids on their toes as they never know when you will pass them out and with my experience they really want to receive them!  The parents love them as they love getting good notes home.  Great for substitute teachers too, I had so many children thank me and saw their big smiles on their faces when I passed them out from time to time or just wrote handwritten notes.

Positive Behavior, character, Note Home, Parent Communication, Student Relationships

Positive Behavior, Character, Citizenship, Parent Communication, Student Relationships

Positive Behavior, character, citzenship, butterfly, student relationship, parent communication
Keep smilin' and thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings!

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