Sunday, August 19, 2012

Common Core Math Games and More

First off congrats to Kelly Brown winner of the The Learning Station Tony Chestnut CD!  She has already sent me her address.  Enjoy it Kelly!

I have been hard at work the past week creating some fun Math items for Common Core.  It may take a bit to load as I have several different things I want to share with you! The first one set I'd like to share with you are the Common Core Essential Questions and Common Core I Can Cards for Math for 2nd Grade!  Click the picture to check them out!

Next up is my Alien Invasion Between Numbers to 120 Game.  This game fits the Common Core Standards for 1st grade!  Perfect review for 2nd grade!

How about a fun Multiplication Game for I Have Who Has with a Patriotic Owl Theme?  This one is perfect for 3rd Grade Common core and great practice for 4th-6th!  This one is only $1.50!

Last, but without a doubt not least one of my favorite games Rounding Decimal Blast!  This one fits the 5th Grade Common Core Standards, but I taught it while subbing in 4th grade last year so it may work for your 4th graders.  Also, great review in 6th grade!  This one is priced currently at $1.50 as well!

I would love to hear your thoughts of the Common Core materials I have made for Math.  Feel free to also make suggestions in the comments of games or themes that you would like to see made and the skill!  I'd be happy to try to honor requests!  Click the pictures to purchase the games!

As always thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings!  Have a blessed Sunday.  Keep on smiling!

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