Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Positive Behavior Plan/Money and Pin It To Win It!

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Now how about a really awesome positive behavior plan that I used while teaching 2nd grade.  I stopped using it part way through my last year of teaching 2nd because the school developed another positive plan and 2 were just too hard to juggle.  This one incorporates money, which fits 2nd Grade Common Core Standard!  On yeah!!!

First you'll need plastic coins and some Crayon Banks like these ones from Party Palooza.  If you google it you can find many places that carry them.  Click the picture for the ones from Party Palooza.  I forget where I got mine.

Next when your students are making good choices, maybe only a few opened their book, or some were quiet in line when others weren't, etc.  you would give them a coin.  I started with pennies in 2nd grade and then nickels and so forth.  Then every other Friday, I had my students count their coins and go shopping in my treasure chest store.  I had prizes valued at everything from 5 cents (plain pencils and erasers) up to $6 or $7 for an inner tube from the Dollar Tree, Teddy Bear, etc.  I had many prices in between. 

Besides teaching children to make good choices, this also taught my students to save money for something they really wanted and it helped reinforce counting coins!  You could start this even in Kindergarten using pennies and I've heard of teachers using it in 1st grade.  My students learned to tell me how much change they should get back!  I believe this would work for any grade level!  Older students put a student in charge of cashier every week or two instead of you doing it!

I know many classes don't do treasure chest anymore, but you could do this with your other rewards.  Assign money amounts for no shoes, eat with teacher, wear slippers, etc.

Is this something you'd like to try?  Have you tried it before?  Tell us about your behavior plan in the comments.

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