Friday, February 22, 2013

Positive Fridays - Week of February 18th, 2013

So what do you know it's Friday again!  Sorry I didn't get around to post this in the morning as I usually do, but I was extra busy Thursday night and I subbed today and then had a ton of errands.  Anyway, I hope each of you had an amazing Friday with your students!

Last Friday, I had a great time in Kindergarten at a school I've only been to twice.  It's a long drive, but was well worth it.
  • I walked in the office and a child was with his mom and just started chatting with me.  I didn't know the child at all!  His mom kept telling him to come back, but he was interested in telling me something.  haha  
  • The next thing I know it a 1st grader popped up from a chair in the office and gave me a hug and said are you subbing for us again? (the only 2 times I had been at the school).  I said no, I'm in Kindergarten today.  She said she wished I was, but am I subbing for them tomorrow.   I told her there's no school, it's the weekend and they have off Monday.  Finally, she's says well on Tuesday and I said not unless your teacher is out and calls for me!  She was so disappointed.  What a sweetheart!
  • Then I signed in and went to see the secretary who greeted me with boy I heard how excited those kids were to see you!  Are you going to be okay with Kindergarten today?  I told her the little ones are what I do best and have my teaching experience mostly in K and 2nd.  She said she will be calling me often for jobs with the younger ones if I don't mind the drive, I assured her I didn't!
  • Other first grade teachers greeted me and were a great help at dismissal.
  • The children were well behaved, several told me how nice I was!
  • They learned about bears, wrote about President Lincoln, practiced counting objects to 20, and made a craft on President Washington.  Tons of fun!
  • I also saw the first grade class I subbed for twice and got some hugs as they headed to lunch.  Their teacher was excited to meet me and assured me she has my name and number!
Tuesday, I subbed in 2nd grade at a school I often sub at.
  • I was welcomed right away by the office clerk and they already had my key out and ready for me.
  • The lesson plans left were as detailed as I used to make them maybe slightly more detailed.  There were gosh 7 or 8 pages I think!  She typed it in larger print too, but it was nice and detailed so I knew exactly what she wanted.  I completely appreciated that!  
  • The kids were well behaved, respectful, polite, and cooperative.
  • I got to be the one to introduce them to addition regrouping and they either used dry erase boards to draw or base 10 block manipulatives!  They also had fun with Daily 5, Cause and Effect, and learning about the weather.
  • I got some sweet hugs from Kindergarten in the cafeteria who again asked if I would stay and eat with them.  I promised the one group the next time I sub for them I will bring them back to the classroom!  I told them too noisy for me in the lunchroom!  Their teacher was happy to see me at the school too!
Sadly, I didn't sub again until today as I couldn't find any openings.  Since I'm just now writing this I will go through Friday (today's) positives.
  • I had a 4th grade group who I had twice before Winter Break at another of my favorite schools so I knew the kids already, which makes it so much easier.
  • I was welcomed when I came into the office and given my keys.  I was told she may be calling me for more work next week if I'm available and so far I am just a half day at that very school next Friday. So I'm hoping to get that call!
  • The kids had to work on a practice FCAT Writes Test.  They also worked on reviewing practice Math problems, and a practice comprehension page.  I got to check the work with them and model how to come up with answers that they were confused about.
  • I ate in the classroom with those that were absolutely quiet and stayed in their seats and treated the practice writing test like the real test!  I'm trying to do this a couple of times a month at least!
  • I got hugs from a sweet 3rd grader before and after school and surprised her with a jolly rancher as she is always filling my bucket and so excited to see me!
  • 3rd and 4th grade had some students who performed in a talent show and let me tell you did an amazing job!  Most of the songs were country: Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert my favorites!!!  Also some awesome Gymnastics done to a Jason Aldean song!
Have a great weekend!  I hope to have more days to report on next week. 

Leave your positives in the comments please!!!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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