Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spelling Fun!

I was asked by Jake at Educational Resources and Beyond to write a review for one of his spelling packets. Opinions are of my own and I received the packet and no money to write the review.

The packet I am reviewing is Spelling Early Years Package 3.  This packet includes phonics sounds that work well for 1st-4th grade: ir and ur; ng and er; nk and ar; and oi and oy.  The highly engaging looking worksheets have the students filling in the missing spelling pattern, tracing the words, writing and drawing words in pictures with the sounds like shirt for ir, and correcting the spelling words along with capitalization and punctuation in sentences.

The packet also includes a page where the students can make their own word searching using their spelling words.  He made is there are two on each page so you could cut it in half and save paper, which I love as many of us have copy restrictions.  Look, Copy, Cover, Check is excellent for students to practice learning their spelling words.

Finally it includes some full page posters that are task cards: writing words in rainbow colors, making it out of play dough, finding words in words, etc.

I love the worksheets and task cards.  They are highly engaging for students.  If you like this there are 5 Spelling packages available individually or as a set.  Click on the picture if you would like to check it out in his store.

Let us know in the comments what you do to make spelling fun for your students?

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!

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