Sunday, November 9, 2014

Interactive Student Notebook Numbers to 20 Plus Tips

I have a brand new Interactive Student Notebook for Kindergarten teachers that I am excited to share!!!

First, I wanted to answer a couple of questions that have come up often with my Facebook Fans.  One question that I get often is when should I allow my students to start cutting and gluing.  That answer is simple, NOW!!!  They should be cutting and gluing day 1, yes even in Kindergarten.  Model, model, model, practice, practice, practice.  Most of my activities in my ISNs are easy straight lines to cut.  We all have those students with fine motor issues, you can assign them a buddy who is a fast finisher or help them yourself if they are struggling.

Another question, what do I do if my students take too long cutting and gluing.  I suggest setting a timer.  Children love to beat the clock!  Those that don't finish, don't have time to color and they can put all unfinished pieces in an envelope glued to the back!

My Interactive Student Notebooks sell for just $4.00.  My bundle is only $12.50 and you get Numbers to 5, Numbers to 10, Numbers to 20, and Addition.   Click on the picture below to purchase it on TPT.

The following are all the pages in my brand new Numbers to 20 Interactive Student Notebook.  You can purchase it for only $4.00.  Your students will be completely engaged in these lessons that include the preview, interactive, and process pieces and show pictures of all completed pages.  You can try out Numbers 11 and 12 for FREE by clicking the PREVIEW in my Bundle HERE.

Numbers 11 and 12

Numbers 13 and 14 

Numbers 15 and 16 

Numbers 17 and 18 

Numbers 19 and 20 

Write Numbers to 20 

Comparing Groups to 20
 Number Order to 20

 Naming the Next Number to 20

Give Interactive Student Notebooks a try with your Kindergarten students.  They will have such a blast!  Share with me a picture from ANY of my ISNs that I can feature on my blog and Facebook page you'll get a whole unit FREE!

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on smiling!


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