Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kindergarten Interactive Notebook Math Bundle on Educents

I asked Educents if I could put something up for sale on their site and they said yes and asked me if I would bundle my Kindergarten Math Interactive Student Notebooks.  Of course, I said yes!  These are probably my favorite product that I have made to date.

Educents is offering my product on sale for $7.99, which is a 34% off discount!  You get my Interactive Student Notebook Numbers to 5, Numbers to 10, and  Addition.  If you were thinking of trying ISNs with your Kindergarten students now is the perfect time to grab this deal as it is only on sale for a limited time.  

Mine are unique because they include the preview (what do I know?), interactive (guided practice), and process (what do I know now?) pieces.  I worked out each page and colored the pictures so all examples are included in the packet as well.  These are interactive and FUN!

I went on another interview last week and shared this at the very end and the principal told me she really loved it!  I know you will too!

Click any of the pictures to get this great deal for a limited time!

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