Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tutoring Tuesdays - July 25th, 2017

Last Thursday I had another great tutoring session with the incoming 2nd grader! I will miss her the next two weeks as she goes on vacation. The next time I tutor her she will be a 2nd grader. She continues to amaze me with how much she learns. She knows far more than most incoming 2nd graders having learned how to add up to 3 digits with regrouping (they don't use the term regrouping in her private school as they use traditional terms like carrying and borrowing), 2 digit subtraction with regrouping, time to the 5 minutes, money including quarters, and even multiplying 0's and 1's!

 Silly me when I started teaching her to subtract with 2 digits I started right out with 2 digit by 2 digit subtraction, which she has done excellent on. So I backtracked last week and did 2 digit by 1 digit just to be sure she could do it. We worked on these 2 digit Mermaid Task Cards with a game board, which will be including in my Primary Reading and Math Games Bundle when I get it updated. Grab it now at the low price before I added it and the price goes up. It comes with the fun game board where if you land on a mermaid you get to go again.

Primary Reading and Math Games Growing Bundle

Next we worked on Adding 9 to a number using the board game from my Addition Facts Snake Games. I taught her a trick to make adding 9 even easier for when she does timed tests. Take 1 from the other number you add 9 and that is the ones. Then put a 1 in the ten's place and you have your answer. Example 9 + 4. 1 less than 4 is 3 so the answer is 13.  7+9. Take 1 from 7 and get 6 so the answer is 15. She picked up on it quickly!

Addition Facts Snake Games

We also worked again on multiplying 0's and 1's to make sure she hasn't forgotten the skill with my game Trolls Multiplication Race. Land on a Troll and you get to go again, but watch out for the monsters they will chase you back to start! Their are cards that go through the 10's facts.

Trolls Multiplication Race

Thanks for hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings! Keep on smiling!!!

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