Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Addition Common Core Games

I have been hard at work today making some new games for everyone. These games are geared toward the primary children. First up is a free 20 page game using Common Core Standards. The strategies focus on Adding +0 and +1. You can play match, go fish, or instead of Old Maid how about Hoppin' Hopkins! haha

Next up is a game that I am very proud of and I can't wait to get your feedback on it.  This game uses Common Core Standards also.  It is for Addition Strategies Doubles, Doubles +1 (also called Near Doubles), and Making 10.  Children turn a card over and answer the question if everyone agrees the answer is correct, they get to flip an egg.  If the egg is a number other than 0 they get that many points.  If it is 0 their total score is 0 and it is the next person's turn.  If it is not 0 they can decide to go again and again and again and keep adding the points to their total, but if they get a 0 they lose everything even from other rounds.

Example: Joe gets a 2, then a 3.  He now has 5 points.  He goes again and gets a 4.  Now he has 9 points.  Joe decides to stop.  On Joe's next turn he gets a 3.  He now has 12 total points.  Joe decides to try again and gets a 0.  He now has 0 total points.

Feel free in the comments to request other skills, I'd be thrilled to make games to meet your needs!!!  Click the pictures to go check out the game!

Thanks for hoppin' over to  Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings!  I appreciate every single of your support!  Love to you all!

Brian :-)

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