Friday, June 27, 2014

Addition Unit: Interactive Student Notebook (ISN) - The Right Way!

If you missed my last blog post Interactive Student Notebooks that explained how to do them correctly click HERE to go read all about it!

This addition unit includes the Preview, Interactive, and Process pieces that make Interactive Student Notebooks (ISNs) useful for you and your students.  By using all 3 components you can see what your student's already know, guide them, and find out what they have learned.  As explained in an earlier piece you can take give them a grade on it!  It would work well as a formative.

Click any of the pictures below to check out my ISN Addition Unit in my TPT store.

Adding, ISNAdding, ISN, Fluency to 5

Addition Fluency to 5

Adding, Doubles, ISNAdding, Doubles, ISN

Addition Doubles

Adding, Doubles Plus 1, ISNAdding, Doubles Plus 1, ISN

Addition Doubles Plus One

Fluency to 10, Adding, ISNFluency to 10, Adding, ISN

Addition Fluency to 10

Adding, Make 10, ISN Adding, ISN, Make 10

Find the Number that Makes 10

Adding, Decompose Numbers, ISN
 Adding, Decompose Numbers, ISN

Decomposing Numbers to 10

Which activity is your favorite from my addition ISN?  The cute graphics I got from Mel at Graphics From The Pond.

As always thank you so much for Hoppin' by Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings.  Keep on hoppin'

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